The Government of Kenya, in achieving a middle income economy as envisaged in Vision 2030 under the social pillar identifies establishment of a computer supply programme to equip students with ICT skills as a flagship project for Education and Training.

The Ministry of Education also acknowledges the need to reform the school curriculum with emphasis shifting from knowledge reproduction to knowledge production and, to make ICT central to it. This is leveraged in one of the basic education goal that is “Create the conditions necessary to ensure that effective teaching of science, technology and ICT takes place in all schools” as per the Sessional paper No. 14 of 2012. To be able to plan and make effective policies pertaining ICT in schools, there is need to Mainstream ICT as a tool for teaching and learning.


The Government of Kenya through the Ministry of Education in collaboration with partners and stakeholders has since 2006 (the year when ICT strategy in education was formulated) made several undertakings towards integrating ICT in education. Since the financial year 2010/2011 the Ministry launched ICT Economic Stimulus Programme targeting secondary schools.

To implement the programme the Ministry selected one teacher per constituency then, they were to help in training on ICT integration in education as well as inspect the equipment supplied to schools. The said teachers were referred as “ICT Champions”.

The primary school were not considered. In the year 2013 the Ministry rolled out the Digital literacy program (DLP) in primary schools. To support the program, the Ministry of Education in collaboration with Teachers Service Commission selected three nominees per Sub County. Over nine hundreds nominees were subjected to an online suitability test.

After the test three hundred and twenty four ICT champions were selected. Due to the rapid change of technology it was found wise to capacity build these champions on new and emerging trends in technology and bring to their attention their roles. This was scheduled to occur in June 2019.