The Centre works collaboratively with the other Directorates in the Ministry by providing them with support and technical assistance on ICT integration in education matters.  This is because ICT integration is crosscutting through the education system.

The areas of support include:

ICT Integration Policies and Programmes

  • Development and implementation of national and sectoral ICT integration in education policies and strategies;
  • Coordination of ICT integration in education programmes in the sector;
  • Promotion of public and private sector investments locally and internationally in ICT integration in education processes;
  • Promotion of research and development programs to facilitate sustainable ICT integration in education at all educational levels; and
  • Promotion of ICT quality standards, guidelines and procedures through continuous M E & R on all ICT integration processes.

 ICT capacity & technology development

  • Promotion of the development and expansion of ICT infrastructures at all levels of education and training;
  • Development of training frameworks and guidelines for professional development of teachers and educational managers in ICT integration in education;
  • Promotion and coordination of ICT integration capacity building programmes within the education sector; and
  • Development of frameworks, standards and support for data interchange in learning and management systems.