One of the Centre’s mandate is to provide high order ICT skills for teachers and teacher trainers. The range of skills included but are not limited to digital content production with a bias on multimedia-based content, emerging didactic and pedagogical trends and gamification in education.

The training for teacher trainers is done in our labs and support offered for remote trainings.

e-arise trainees in session

Other Trainings

Educational visits

Schools are welcome to visit the Centre for a half day learning tour. The students and teachers are taken through educational technologies and any specific ICT in education topic of their preference. To book for a visit send an email request to:

The school should notify the Centre a month before the intended date of visit. No charges.

SA Nguluni secondary school students in a Lab session facilitated by Ms. Cecilia Wakahiu during their educational visit to the Centre.

 Session of ASP.NET&MS SQL bootcamp participants


Tailored training

Institutions or groups interested in having tailored ICT training programmes for their offices/members can submit the request to the centre through email;

E-arise youth empowerment Programme trainees in session./

Boot Camps

The centre organizes system development bootcamp once a year. The participants should be youths; those in colleges or have already graduated. The last Boot camp was on web design using ASP.NET and MS SQL 2012.

The boot camp is held in the month of  April.

Session of ASP.NET&MS SQL bootcamp participants with lead facilitator

Bootcamp participants